100 x 100 Pushup Challenge

Last summer my buddy Phillip issued out a challenge to everyone to do 100 pushups each day for 100 days.  A handful of us took this challenge on and made it a solid week and a half before quitting, those pecs really do get sore quick!  Well, we’re at it again! We started this past Monday.  100 days puts us at New Years Eve.  100 pushups everyday between now and 2014.  Phillip’s job is to message me daily to keep working.  Your job is to tweet at me to not skip pushups just because I happen to have run 18-26 miles that day.  No excuses!  The first 4 days have had a few aches and pains, but I am cranking away pushing the ground.


To join in on the fun tweet me @JoeBRaymond & Phillip @capofirstfret