18 days & Counting

Training this weekend almost saw a capsize. I went out for my 20 mile training run and only made it through 6 miles. I felt over dehydrated and hot. Getting off to a late morning start start was not helping the fact that I did not have enough water in my system from the day before. Poor preparation creates poor performance. So I drop back and look ahead at what’s next and what I can do to max out the little amount of time left between now and the Cleveland Marathon. Race weekend is only 18 days away! Just enough time to focus in my cross training and take some pressure off the legs, reduce my total weekly mileage, start to put extra emphasis on my nutrition.

This weekend I’ll be in Indianapolis for the Indy Mini Marathon. A nice half marathon weekend spent with Jonnie’s GoodGuys. If you don’t know about the GoodGuys here is a link to a post I wrote shortly after the Disney World Marathon. They are a great group of friends all working towards promoting heart health.

Training will be thin for the next 18 days, I want my legs to be as fresh as possible for race weekend. Geared up to set a new PR!