2013 wrap up, 2014 Goals

As 2013 wrapped up I went through my run log and pieced together my yearly mileage total.  In December 2012 I stated that my goal for the new year was 1,000 miles. Total for the year? 1,053 miles! How far is that? Here’s a bit of perspective inspired by a post I saw from Krissy from Team runDisney.  This is just over the distance from Jackson, MS to Albuquerque, NM.

Screen shot 2014-01-02 at 3.27.03 PM

 In 2013 I set new Personal Records in the 5k (20:47), 8k/5 Miler (33:14), 10k (45:37), 13.1 (1:37:54), and 26.2 (3:56:41).  I completed 2 5ks, 1 5 miler, 1 10k, 6 half marathons, and 4 full marathons. (Along with a great run, kayak duathlon)


So whats on the agenda for 2014? Currently between January and May I am registered for 5 half marathons and 4 full marathons including the back to back marathon Mitten Challenge. I am leaving the schedule for the fall racing season open until after the results are posted from the NYC Marathon lottery. So here’s the list of 2014 goals.


1,500 Miles total

Back to Back Marathons in 2 days

Raise $5,000+ for St. Jude

Swim once per week

Race a triathlon (Actually race, not what I tried to do in 2012)

Reach Purple Level on Nike+ Running.

A 2nd runDisney Coast to Coast Challenge



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