2XU Hypotik Thermal Compression Tights Review

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I’m a real wimp when it comes to running in the cold.  A byproduct of spending my entire life in the southern United States. Once the temperature gets below 50 you can usually find me clocking my miles on the treadmill.  When the opportunity came up to test out a pair of these 2XU Thermal Compression Tights I jumped on board.   2XU is staple point in the name of compression running gear and these tights do everything advertised.  All the perks of full compression tights and a thin fleece layer inside to add warmth to the tights.


The tights run great and stay in place while running which is vital for me.  I’ve had running tights in the past that will come down on the hips or start to rise up from the shoes. I was really happy to have these stay in place while on the move.


I’ve worn the tights as a single layer while running and also tested them as a base layer for everyday wear.  They fit great under my blue jeans to work outside and also helped keep me warm in my Army ASUs while we were performing for the Mississippi Governor’s Inauguration Ceremony in early January.  They do a great job at recovery too.  The compression tights can really help in muscle recovery after a long run or hard workout.


The tights do a great job of warming up the legs pretty quick and really retain that heat, maybe a little too good.  Truthfully, in Mississippi it’s barely cold enough to warrant tights that generate and retain heat for an extended period of time.  Once the body temperature rises the tights do a great job to keep in that heat.  In my running travels and races across the country these may prove very useful.  But here in late January Mississippi they may actually be too good at being thermal for running.


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