5 Things Friday 11/22

1) Vegas Racecation

I’m still trying to get caught up on work and homework from while I was in Las Vegas last weekend, but completely worth it. I had a great weekend with friends and team mates and I finished my 9th marathon! A full race recap will be up later this weekend, but be sure to read my post about the fun stuff I posted Tuesday.20131122-084612.jpg

2) High School Football

The season never ends… Marching band continues to operate in my schedule, tacking on Indoor Percussion also now. Only one way to make the kids better & that’s to provide them the opportunities to get better.


3) Half Fanatic

I appreciate that I am blessed enough to be able to go out and run a marathon. But there is little I enjoy more than running a half. It’s just long enough that I have time to play and enjoy the time and still long enough to where can’t be taken lightly. My next 4 races are all halfs. Leaving me time to recover before the Mercedes Marathon.20131122-085155.jpg

4) Run Streak

The Runner’s World Holiday Run Streak starts next week. The goal is to run at least 1 mile every day from Thanksgiving to New Years Day. Who’s on board for a challenge?20131122-090321.jpg

5) 52.4?

Speaking of challenges… I want to run a double. I’m looking at the Wisconsin, Michigan double marathon in May. Anyone know of a few great races to knock out multiple states?20131122-085227.jpg