5 Things Friday 11/1

1) Payday, Raceday

Many runners can attest that the only reason we have a job is to afford our running. November 1 marks a price increase for several races I want to run in 2014 so I had to sneak in & register before today. Last night I registered for the Tuscaloosa Half Marathon & the Mercedes Benz Full Marathon. I ran the Inaugural THM in 2013 & loved it. I can’t wait to go back for 2014, the course has been altered and improved. Read my recap from this year by clicking the link below.

Tuscaloosa Half Marathon 2013



2) Ripped Cream

I was very excited to try this product. This protein coffee creamer combines 2 of my favorite things. Unfortunately, it wasn’t made for my taste buds. I’ll take the protein out of my blender bottle any day. After a handful of sips I decided to tackle the day without coffee. Anyone try Ripped Cream and have a thought? Share it below.20131101-085326.jpg

3) Boston Red Sox

The Red Sox won the World Series, why do I like this? Because it means the Cardinals didn’t! I’m a Braves fan, I’d rather see any other team win other than St. Louis & Washington. It was a great season of baseball & now begins the long wait until spring training. This season I was lucky enough to go to 6 games in 5 stadiums, 4 of then for the first time. Check out my new page in the top menu with pictures from different ballparks.20131101-085451.jpg

4) New York City Marathon

NYC will be the biggest marathon since the attacks during the Boston Marathon in April. After having to cancel the race last year due to Hurricane Sandy I am excited to see everyone’s experiences from this race. As a community marathoners are strong and resilient, the normal attitude to a bump in the road is to jump over it, not to stop and turn around. Best of luck to all those running this weekend. Everyone else can tune in on ESPN 2 for live coverage Sunday morning.20131101-085636.jpg

5) New blog of the Week

Over the last 2 months my room mate has been neck deep in Weight Watchers. She has been counting every meal and totaling every point. I’ve been learning how the system and program works & been looking through websites on how to make different meals and thanks to a link on a friend’s page I found a blog called Emily Bites. A great resource of Weight Watcher friendly recipes. I foresee several of these in my near future.

Check out her blog by clicking the image below.20131101-085838.jpg