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Another week where scheduling has become a factor and has gotten in the way of my proposed training regiment.  In marathon training it is important that you make the time to stick to your program.  Another week of not meeting my mileage means another week that I am not getting closer to breaking 3:30:00 at the 2013 Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon.  I’ve seen time and time again those athletes that fall off of their training program in the middle and at the end.  It usually does not end well for them on race day.  Some good things came out of my training week though.  Here’s the rundown.

Monday was a rest day.  This is the day that I work late and often find myself scrambling in the evening to get settled in for the coming week. It was also Anna’s birthday, this claimed the top spot on my schedule for the day.

On Tuesday Anna and I set off for a 3 mile run.  She has been on a training plan for her first half marathon and this was her final run before race day.  We took an easy pace as she finished up her taper.  (I’ll get to more on how to taper in later posts)

I switched my weekly tempo run to Wednesday this week to take advantage of the promotional event going on at Fleet Feet Sports. My goal was to maintain a 7:00 min/mile throughout the run.  I ran 5 miles in 33:40 averaging right at a 6:33/mile.  It felt good to move at that pace through my normal running trail. My goal to reach 3:30:00 in Cleveland is to add mileage on each week and stay below that 7:00/mile limit.  Fleet Feet Sports was allowing customers to test run the new Adidas Boost.  There has been a lot of hype surrounding this shoe over the last couple of months and I must admit that they worked great for me.  An innovation in the foam used creates a great ride in the shoe.  I purchased a pair Thursday so expect a full review in coming weeks as I wear into them a little.

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Friday was another rest and travel day.  I drove over to Tuscaloosa, AL for packet pick up and made my way to Coleman Coliseum for an evening of Alabama Crimson Tide Gymnastics competition against the UCLA Bruins.  A great pre-race night to see an Alabama victory.  Roll Tide!


Saturday morning I laced up for the Inagural Tuscaloosa Half Marathon. This was Anna’s first half marathon and I had made the decision months ago that I was going to stay with her throughout the race.  A cold morning and a few extra aches and pains made for a rough morning on the race course.  I will have a full race recap posted later in the week.  It was nice to meet up with fellow Team #runDisney member Kristin before the race.

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With the Tuscaloosa Half finished I am able to refocus my personal training schedule.  I am less than two weeks away from the Publix Georgia Marathon so I’m still monitoring mileage pretty closely.  Here’s the plan for this week:

Monday – 5k @ race pace (21:33 or less)

Tuesday – 45 minute run with Fleet Feet Training Group, 11:00/mile

Wednesday – 6×1 mile interval runs, 7:15-7:27/mile

Thursday – Rest day

Friday – 6 mile Tempo Run, <42:00

Saturday – 18 miles Fleet Feet Training Group, 10:30/mile

Sunday – Recovery Jog, 9:24-10:06/mile, 40-60 minutes

I lucked into a little extra publicity this week as well.  The Clarion Ledger ran an article in the Fitness Section on Saturday about planning out a runcation.  A term coined by my friend at MSPrun.com.   You can view the whole article on the Clarion Ledger website.

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  1. Weather and work has been majoring getting in the way with my marathon training. I’m hoping that we’ll eventually see warm-ish/non-icey weather in the near future (after this 2 day blizzard ick!) and my treadmill will help get me back on track

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