Add Ohio to the Calendar

Great news came today. I’ve been waiting anxiously to hear back from an application I sent in a month ago and today I received an email stating that I have been selected as an Official Blogger of the Rite Aid 2013 Cleveland Marathon. I’m very excited to get started blogging for them in preparation of the May 19 Marathon. The race will help publicize my blog and all #CleveMarathon related posts. This should do wonders for my site traffic and create a lot of new inspirations as I gain further exposure to fellow #CleveMarathon bloggers. This means that after I get back from Disney it’s time to plan a trip Ohio!

This badge looks nice, look for it to become a permanent attachment to my sidebar soon. Join the conversation on twitter. Follow @CleveMarathon or post with #CleveMarathon or #RunTrainBlog

Most importantly, come run with me! Who’s in for a weekend in Cleveland, OH? Party on the banks of Lake Erie, hit the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame, take in an Indians game vs Seattle, and hit a 26.2 mile run. I believe Ali Jones would call that a Runcation


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