Adventures in Running

One of to hardest parts of approaching marathon race day is the taper. The taper is great in that I finally get to bring down the mileage and have a little more time in my day for everything other than running. Hard in the fact that, I’d rather run. So in an effort to make Sunday’s 8 mile long run take longer and force me to take a slower pace I decided to try Geocaching. This is something that a friend told me about a while back and I had put in the back of my mind. The idea is that people hide canisters of some sort all over the place with sort of trinket inside. Then they go online to the geocache website and post the GPS location of where it is hidden along with a hint or description. The. Others look up the hint, solve it, find the GPS location, find the canister, sign the log sheet, take the trinket, & leave something if their own. Yes, it is high tech treasure hunting. I found several listed as being nearby my home so I charted a run that went by several of them. I left home and ran to the location of the first one listed, then the next… Again, no luck. I ran to the third and again, nothing. Getting frustrated I ran to another in the back parking lot of Newk’s and lifted up the bottom of a light pole and there was a tiny metal tin. Success! Following that we’re 4 more finds. What a great way to mix up a normal run. This made for a fantastic morning run. I totaled up 22.6 miles of training for the week, bringing my total for 2012 up to 725.5 miles. St. Jude marathon is coming up in less than a week and I can’t wait. Training is now of a 20-40% load. More details to follow as we lead up to race weekend.