April Goals

I have not been a very good goal setter so far in 2014 so I’m trying to settle into a better routine starting with the month of April.


#1) Run 150 miles total for the month

#2) Swim at least once per week.  If you remember from my new year’s goal post this there too.  I have let weather stop me from getting in the water. But mostly it’s the fear of drowning.  For more on that check out my recap of the Soak up the Sun Triathlon I attempted in 2012.

#3)  Weight train twice per week.  I need to spend more time inside the gym doing things other than running.  My overall health is slacking.

#4) Not skip my weekend runs.  The past few weeks have been crazy busy at work keeping me occupied for several Saturdays in a row.  I have let that exhaustion keep me from running a lot of my weekend runs.  Not this month!

#5) Finish a back to back 20 miler weekend.  The Mitten Challenge is just a few weeks away! Have to finish training.