Around the runDisney World

After any runDisney event weekend it seems that all of my blog posts for the next week revolve around the non stop world that is runDisney. I realized recently that rD keeps people talking by making big and exciting announcements around the same time as their events, they’re marketing director is a real genius. This past weekend was the 7th Annual Princess Half Marathon and with it came two bits of information that sent the Internet into a frenzy.

The first came on Thursday. Shortly after the PHM expo opened Thursday morning pictures started to pop up across social media of the 2015 Tinkerbell Half Marathon and the Inaugural Pixie Dust Challenge Finisher Medals. Later in the morning a full post was made on the Disney Parks Blog regarding the new medals and the design process for them.
The Tink medal will keep with the same design as years past with the exception of the pearlescent wings.
 I’m looking forward to adding another Tink Half medal to my collection along with the 10k and Pixie Dust Challenge medal. The PDC medal features several colored circles around the outside of the medal. Each one represents a different Tinker and their respective abilities.TBM508694-613x920
Each icon represents the talents of Tinker Bell (tinker talent), Silvermist (water talent), Vidia (fast-flying talent), Rosetta (garden talent), Iridessa (light talent), and Fawn (animal talent).
When I saw this medal on Friday at the expo I was amazed at the size! I didn’t stop to compare it with other medals on the rack, but with the exception of the marathon and the 10th anniversary Goofy Challenge medal I feel confident that this will be the largest medal you can earn at a runDisney event this year.
The second announcement, and perhaps the biggest of the year, came Sunday morning just moments before the start of the half marathon. After months of rumors and speculations runDisney announced a half marathon coming to Disneyland Paris in September 2016.  I know a lot of my runDisney friends immediately opened a new savings account and starting the paperwork to renew their passports.  There is a lot of excitement around this one.
Will you be making the trip to Paris?