Arrow Dash 5k

Clinton, MS

I was very excited leading up to this race for several reasons.  First of all, this was my first 5k ever just one year ago.  I was looking forward to enjoying the race that started this lifestyle.  Secondly, this is the only 5k on my schedule due to 3 back to back marathons on the horizon.  Finally, I was set to run fast, push 20:00 on the clock and PR.

I started the race strong and kept up with the lead pack, pushing a solid 6:30/mile pace heading into the last half mile of the race.  Coming around the corner of a building racers in front of me went two different directions! Some turned left, some right.  I called out across the course to officials asking which way to go and was directed right then around a loop and across a sidewalk to the finish.  Clocking an overall finish time of 18:25… for a 2.72 mile run! I was furious to say the least.  I put forth a lot of effort and training only to have it washed away by poor organization and race officials and volunteers who were not in agreement.  After the first 10-15 runners came through the chute the race organizers fixed the problem for the rest of the field, but we were put out in a bad way. The 18:25 official finish time put me first in my age group and third overall.  I was given a medal that I would have more than likely won anyway, but soiled none the less.  I emailed the race director after crossing the finish… no response.

On the bright side following the race Anna & I made the trip to Cleveland for a Delta State football game and visiting with old friends.  A great way to fix a spoiled morning.

Full race results can be found below


Check out the difference a year of running can make the picture on the left is from this 5k in 2011