Baseball & Marathoning 2017

What’s my favorite type of RaceCation?

Each fall I look forward to the release of the following year’s MLB schedule.  This is a very helpful tool in helping me choose where I want to travel to and run during the season.  In addition to running a marathon in each of the 50 states I also want to watch a game in every major league ballpark.  If a weekend exists where I can combine my love of travel, baseball, and marathoning into one slam packed weekend then I’m all in.  So I’ve gone through and looked at a few different calendars to put together a few options.  As we all know the fall is the premier season for marathons so a lot of big city races happen in October and November, making it possible to have a game happen granted the team is in the playoff race.  Last year I watched a game of the World Series on the giant screens filling Times Square while I was in town for the New York City Marathon.  Believe me, I debated picking up the pricey ticket to the game just to take on the opportunity to watch.  Baltimore & Chicago marathons both happen in early October and have the possibility of catching some postseason play.

Remember that wearing a race medal around your neck to a post race baseball game is a perfect way to celebrate the day whether you’re rooting for the home team or not.


This list is mostly larger races, there are dozens of smaller races that I did not research into.  If you see an opportunity to add to my list let me know!

Baltimore Orioles
Boston Red Sox  Boston Marathon  April 17  vs Tampa Bay
Chicago White Sox RNR Chicago July 15-16 vs Mariners
Cleveland Indians Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon May 20-21 @Houston
Detroit Tigers
Houston Astros
Kansas City Royals Garmin Marathon in the Land of Oz April 22 @Texas
Los Angeles Angels  Tinkerbell Half Marathon  May 11-14  vs Texas
Minnesota Twins Med City Marathon May 28 Vs Tampa Bay
Grandma’s Marathon June 16 vs Cleveland
NY Yankess
Oakland Athletics Oakland Running Festival April 02 vs Angels Opening Day 4/3
Seattle Mariners RnR Seattle June 18 @Texas
Tampa Bay Rays
Texas Rangers
Toronto Blue Jays Goodlife Toronto Marathon May 07 @Tamp Bay
Arizona Diamonbacks
Atlanta Braves
Chicago Cubs RnR Chicago July 15-16 @ Baltimore
Cincinnati Reds Flying Pig Marathon May 7 vs San Fran
Colorado Rockies Colfax Marathon May 21 @ Cincinnatti
LA Dodgers
Milwaukee Brewers Wisconsin Marathon May 06 @ Pittsburgh
NY Mets
Philadelphia Phillies RnR Philly Sept 16-17 vs Oakland
Pittsburgh Pirates Pittsburgh Marathon May 05-07 vs Milwaukee
San Diego Padres RnR San Diego Jun 03-04 vs Colorado
SF Giants San Francisco Marathon July 23 vs San Diego
St. Louis Cardinals Go! St. Louis Marathon April 8-9 vs Cincinatti
Washington Nationals

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  1. Not that I like the Dodgers…but you HAVE to go to a game (because that means you’ll be close to us and will probably get to run a race with you!)

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