Brave 50 State Challenge Update

14 days ago I started a challenge to receive a donation from each of the 50 states and cover the country gold for Childhood Cancer Awareness.  In those 14 days my map has changed dramatically. It has gone from this

Screenshot 2014-09-01 12.58.56

to this.

Screenshot 2014-09-14 09.18.27

16 states have been added to the list, 19 donations have been made, $745 has been raised, and California has taken over my own home state as the highest state donations.  The response has been incredible so far but I’m only halfway to reaching my goal of all 50 states. Help spread the word and share this map and donation link on your own facebook, instagram, and twitter pages with the hashtags #dogoodstuff & #run8va

Help cover the country gold!


Current Donation list includes:

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