Crescent City Classic 10k Recap

Today’s post is by a guest blogger.  Eric is a member of the United States Air Force and can often be found on race carrying the American flag on his shoulder with pride represented Team Red, White, & Blue.  I met Eric back in January around mile 23 of the Mississippi Blues Marathon.  You can follow him on Instagram to keep up with his running and travels @af_marathoner


Currently I’m in a training environment for the U.S. Army and was unable to attend the 2016 Crescent City Classic in New Orleans so I asked Eric to take over blogging duties for me.  It seems as though he wasn’t disappointed on race day!



The Crescent City Classic was my first official taste of what New Orleans has to offer runners. When I heard rumors of the race having a cooler corral, I knew that a whole lot of fun was in store for me. I walked through the expo and got to see some familiar faces, be it fellow runners or vendors. I also took part in the free food and drinks while walking around the expo. Can’t beat walking around an expo on a full stomach with a slight buzz.

On the way back to my place, I pondered how best to experience the race. I decided to dive into the drinking side of the race and create my own “tale of intrigue,” and boy did I pull it off! Come race day, I came equipped with 6 shots of Fireball and 4 mini bottles of Mudslides.


I stayed with a couple other groups along the way who also brought some hydration with them. That and the roadside Jello shots I had not anticipated, but only added to the fun.


I had also never seen as many costumed runners as I did that day. This race along with some of the costumed runners convinced me that if I were to return to this race, it would be in costume.


The volunteers there were all helpful and polite. The course was well supported with fluids, be it water, gatorade, or adult beverages. The on course entertainment helped pass the time and made it unnecessary to have music of your own. If you didn’t have fun on the course, then you’ll have some at the after party! What better way to celebrate a great race than with beer, food, and great music!?!? I can’t wait to come back to run this race. New Orleans knows how to run a race right