Does the bling really matter?

I preface this post by stating that I love receiving a great race finisher medal. Big, colorful medals are my favorites.  I wear them proudly post race, hang them on the wall when I get home and there they stay. Collecting dust. Waiting to be covered up by a new medal. I’m always looking ahead to the next medal, looking forward to the new one. 

Earlier this week the New York City Marathon posted this image on their Facebook page. 

A simple question, people went crazy in the comments though!  There was a large group of people that believed that the medal design should be a surprise to the runner when they cross the finish line. That anything posted early would take away from the experience.  Have these people never been to a race expo? I’d imagine that at the largest race in the country the medal is going to be at every booth hanging on the latest designs of medal racks and holders, inside of every shadow box, and placed on every plaque that Marathon Foto & Fond Memories has to offer.   On Tuesday NYC posted that the medal reveal will come on Wednesday, people were angered again. Most of them unaware that Fond Memories already posted the medal image on their page. 

But what does it really matter? Does it take away from the experience? I’m registered for the race, why not see what the design is to help build excitement? runDisney released images yesterday of their medals for the January races. Races are posting designs everyday to help fill those remaining spots and finish their registrations. It’s all part of the marketing ploy right?


 As a runner I’m past the point of choosing races based solely on the medals, I learned my lesson after running the Little Rock Marathon. 

What do you think? Is a race posting the medal early a positive or negative thing?