Fantasy Recap Week 8

One of my favorite parts of the fall, other than race season, is playing fantasy football. I am playing in 3 fantasy football leagues, 2 for fun & 1 with a nice prize pot waiting for the champion. My strategy going in to draft day 2 months ago was to build each team as close to the same as possible. This meant 2 things; 1) my season will rest completely on the success of the Denver Broncos 2) their week 9 bye is going to be rough. To prepare for the Broncos week off I’ve been building my bench with sleepers & stand outs. Finally comfortable with my week 9 rosters, I didn’t realize that I was left in week 8 without a running back. Luckily, it didn’t stop my team from putting together a high scoring weekend improving my record to 7-1, claiming the current #1 slot in the league, & moved 1 week closer to the extra pay day. Week 9 strategies start now!


Here’s the recap from my other leagues, this is the first time since Week 1 I’ve pulled a win in all 3 leagues.