Five Things Friday 10/25

1) Track Running

I have finally found a track available for me to use! Located at a high school just a few blocks from my house this facility is open for the public use 7 days a week until 9 pm.  Great track too, nice and open lanes, very few other people out there.  You know what this means, right?20131025-095004.jpg

2) Speed Work

Last week I posted about incorporating Yasso 800s into my regular workout routine.  Bart Yasso’s idea is that you can aim your marathon finish times relative to the times you can run 10 – 800 meter repeats.  Let’s hope he’s right after this week’s session! Speaking of going fast…20131025-095033.jpg

 3) Safe Driving

Going fast isn’t always a good thing. In late August I received a speeding ticket driving to work and this past Tuesday I wasted away a huge chunk of my sitting in a class learning about safe driving.  What did I learn? That speeding is not worth the time or money spent after fact.  The class is scheduled for 4 hours, I finished in just under 2.  Apparently it’s okay to speed through the coursework.


4) Meal Planning

I am trying to take every precaution to ensure quality performance in the Las Vegas Marathon.  With just under a month until race day I am focusing on nutrition and meal planning.  I have put together a weekly menu and cooking for the week to stick to it.  I’m not the best at avoiding a cheat snack here and there between them, but I’ve got my main meals covered.  Taking baby steps.



5) Fantasy Football

I am in a league where the champion walks away with a $500 prize purse.  I have put together a solid, league leading team built around the Denver Broncos.  I knew on draft day that the Bronocs bye week 9 was going to be problematic so I started to prepare by picking up a few quality back ups for Peyton Manning, Wes Welker, and Matt Prater.  Well, without realizing it, both of my running backs are on Week 8 Byes.  I’m still uncertain as to what to do to solve my no running problem.  Hopefully Peyton and Broncos can put up fantastic numbers this weekend at home against the Redskins.  Coming off their first loss of the season last Sunday night I fully expect a lot of big plays.   20131029-065602.jpg 20131025-095521.jpg