Five Things Friday 11/8

1) High School Football

The life of a band director takes backseat to the high school football schedule each year. Our team is undefeated in the district and in their class as they go into their final regular season game tonight. With a strong team it means that we will continue into the state playoffs. 4 more potential weeks of marching band.


2) runDisney Wine & Dine

Best wishes to all of my friends in Walt Disney World this weekend for the Wine & Dine Half Marathon Weekend. This race is on my to do list for next year, but for now I just have to stay glued to social media. If you want to stay connected during the weekend be sure to follow TeamRunDisney on Twitter & Instagram.


3) Final Countdown

I received my final race instructions for Vegas. When I registered I put my estimated finish time at 3:45:00 so I’m starting in Corral 7. That plan has changed significantly, so hopefully I’ll be able to move ahead in corrals also. Race day is only 10 days away!


4) Also counting down

I leave for Las Vegas in 7 days, this means I am 7 days away from In -n- Out Burger! I missed the chance to go while I was in California during Dumbo weekend so it’s been calling at me since July when I discovered they were in the Dallas area.


5) continue to do good stuff.

Yes, I have met my until fundraising commitments for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, but that does not mean the fundraising stops. If you’re able to feel free to donate to my page or any other. The money all goes to a great cause. Also St. Jude is beginning their holiday fundraiser where you can add $1 to your purchase at many retail stores around the country. Please don’t disregard how important that $1 can be to a child fighting for their life. do good stuff.20131108-122511.jpg