Five Things Friday 3/20

1) Publix Georgia Marathon

The weekend has arrived and that means I’m on the road to Atlanta to run my 20th marathon! I’ll be leading the 4:15 marathon pace group Sunday morning and will be hanging around working at the information booth during the expo on Saturday afternoon.  If you’re running the race be sure to stop by and say hi! A big thank you again to Super Sabrina for giving the opportunity to serve again on the Marathon Maniac Pace Team.  It’s a great opportunity to give a little something back to the running community.


2) Go Green for St. Jude Virtual Run

Just in case you missed my post on facebook, twitter, and the Instant Gram earlier this week;

Medals are in transit to the race hosting company and should be shipped out early next week! Thank you again to all of you that registered for the event and helped raise over $400 to benefit St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.  I’m beyond excited to see the medals!


3) Wine and Dine Half Marathon Craziness

Holy Moly! The runDisney community gets more and more intense when registration for an event opens up and Wine and Dine did not disappoint. Registration opened at Noon EST on Tuesday and both the half marathon and 5k were sold out within 35 minutes!  You’ve got to have those mouse clicking fingers ready to go. This was the first time I have seen runDisney or Active use a virtual queue to keep the servers from crashing with everyone trying to type as fast as they can to get through the registration form.  There are a couple of factors that may have contributed to this quick sellout of a race that took 4 days last year to reach capactiy, but I think mainly it was the elimination of the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror 10-Miler from this year’s race calendar.  Without having to choose between an October or a November race those runners flocked to W&D.  I’m skipping the party this year, but it looks like it’ll be a good one.

I was a bit upset reading post registration responses online.  There seemed to be a handful of people who thought that “walkers who know they can not meet the 16 min/mile pace requirement” should not be registering and keeping away “runners” who want to participate in the event.  Boo on you! The thing I love most about runDisney events is the magic that happens along the race course and the excitement and energy that fill the atmosphere from start to finish.  It’s the reason I go back to multiple events a year.  I don’t travel across the county to run a half marathon anywhere else.  Everyone should have the chance to experience that if they want to. It’s how the running community grows.

3 1/2) Also, runDisney announced two more severely overpriced events being added to the Avengers Half Marathon Weekend this year.  A new 10k and a challenge medal to accompany every other 19.3 weekend.  Wine & Dine is the only half marathon focused race that does not have a 10k and challenge paired with it now.  However, I foresee that changing soon.  I also predict a 19.3 challenge coming to the January race to replace Dopey in the  next 3 years.  (Let’s get that rumor mill churning!)


4) Los Angeles Marathon 2016

Not all registrations this week were crazy though.  The LA Marathon last weekend saw record high temperatures and was the epitome of race directors adjusting their plan to accommodate the runners and make everyone comfortable.  They adjust the race start time, pulled timing clocks from the course, and provided cold towel stations to help the day.  World Class Event. Originally stated to open 2016 registration in September the LA Marathon has opened a 2 day flash sale on next year’s race registration.  The event is being moved to February and will be held on Valentine’s Day because that weekend Los Angeles will also be hosting the 2016 United States Olympic Marathon Trials.  I can’t miss the chance to watch the best marathoners in America compete one day then go out and eat chili dogs while I run a marathon the next.  Los Angeles 2016, I’m coming for you!

(Registration is only open until the end of today! If you miss it you’ll have to wait until September to pay more money to run the same race)


5) St. Jude Fundraising for Tinkerbell Half Marathon

My initial fundraising goal for the spring was $2,000 and I’m excited to say that we are almost there! Thanks to some incredibly generous friends in the last few weeks my current donation total is $1,930.  I’d love to see it reach 100% this week! Just in time for Heroes registration to open for the St. Jude Memphis Marathon in December.

(Oh, did I mention that all of the St. Jude registrations for Wine & Dine filled up on Tuesday by 5 PM? How awesome is that! do good stuff.)