Five Things Friday 1/31

1. Snow Days
This week we were out of school Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday due to a couple inches of snow and lots of ice down on the roads making them unsafe. Being in the south means we don’t have the proper equipment to get rid of ice and have to wait for the sun to do its job.

2. Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag
Being stuck indoors for almost all of those 3 days meant quality time for some binge gaming. I haven’t sat on the couch and played video games nonstop for years. It was nice to sit and do nothing for a few days and get some time in taking over pirate ships in Assassin’s Creed IV. The game is incredible.

3. Big Miles
In the past while training for a marathon I put in my 20-22 mile run and begin the taper, getting ready to tackle 26.2 3-4 weeks later. I recently began reading a training guide written by Jeff Galloway who suggests a 29 mile run 3-4 weeks before the race date. I have never put on shoes with the intention of going further than marathon distance so diving into the unknown was a scary feeling. After 28 miles though maybe it’s not a far fetched idea idea to start shopping for ultras.



4. 1,500 Miles in 2014
If you remember in my 2014 goal post earlier this month my total mileage goal for the year is 1,500 miles. Total mileage for January is 133. Great start to the year!


5. Biggest Loser Half – Mobile, AL
This half marathon is next weekend and originally I registered just because it was convenient and I caught a great deal on Black Friday. (Who says no to a $26 Half Marathon?) recently they announced that they are having a Mardi Gras Costume Contest. If you know me then you know that this is an invitation for me to pull out all the stops. Get set for great pictures after next weekend! It’s a good looking medal too!