Five Things Friday 3/7

1) Race #7


This weekend will be my 7th race weekend of 2014. 5 halfs & 2 full marathons has kept me busy this year. I’m looking forward to a few weeks off from racing and I can run & relax. But before that my focus is set on tomorrow morning’s Tuscaloosa Half Marathon. I encourage you to check out my recap of the inaugural event in 2013, I’m looking forward to seeing all the changes that they’ve made this year. Hopefully it will be better than last week’s race… Oh, you didn’t hear?

2) Little Rock Marathon


My full race recap of the Little Rock Marathon will be up soon. I’m waiting to see an official post of if I finished the race or not. Yes, you read that right. There was a bad ice storm moving in to Little Rock last Sunday morning and as I came around to the mile 21 aid station I was told the event was cancelled. Of course I kept running, crossed the finish line, was handed a medal, and walked back to my hotel. Still waiting to see an “official” finish time post before I count marathon state #11

3) Spring Break


Just a few shirt years ago spring break meant big plans, road trips, spontaneous events, & half thought tattoos. Now as I look forward to spring break next week I have scheduled an optometrist appointment, a dentist appointment, a mechanic appointment, & 4 days of homework… woo.

4) Biggest Loser RunWalk in Six Flags


This week Biggest Loser RW announced a race series that includes a 5k at 11 different Six Flags Theme Park locations this year. It’s no secret I love running through an amusement park and I really enjoyed the Biggest Loser Half Marathon in Mobile last month so I’m looking forward to running the 10k in Atlanta and catch a few Braves games while I’m in town.


5) Anchorman 2


Some people did not believe that Anchorman 2 lived up to the hype surrounding it and was a bit of a box office blunder.  I am a big fan of the movie franchise and loved it when it was released in December.  I hope you got the chance to see the re-release this past week.  Anchorman 2 was out for 7 days as an R-rated comedy with hundreds of new jokes and alternate scenes from the original movie.  I was very excited when I heard of the release and personally I wasn’t left disappointed by the movie.