Five Things Friday 4/11

1) Mitten Challenge

I am only 3 weeks away from taking on the Mitten Challenge. I’m lucky to be in a group of 5 mitteners all focused & determined to make it a great experience. In case you’ve forgotten the Mitten Challenge is running the Wisconsin Marathon & the Kalamazoo Marathon back to back on May 3 & 4. I’ve never finished a marathon & told myself “Lets do it again tomorrow!” and have been nervous about it since signing up last fall. Training is going well though & hopes are high.


2) Veronica Mars

Maybe it was because of the Frozen craze that has taken over the world but for some reason last weekend I sat down and turned on Season 1 of Veronica Mars on Amazon video. 4 days and 22 episodes later I was reeling from the mystery and drama in the show. It came out in 2004 and I don’t know why I had never heard of it then. It’s exactly the kind of show I loved to watch while I was in high school.



3) Arturo Sandoval

I’m excited about tomorrow’s field trip with the students! We’re heading to Vicksburg with the jazz band for a festival performance and a workshop featuring jazz trumpeter legend Arturo Sandoval. I know that my blog target audience are all aware of his abilities (sarcasm included), but trust me you’ll truly enjoy browsing YouTube for him during your lunch break.


4) Timehop

I’m always late to the party. Over the last couple of weeks I’ve seen people sharing posts from an app called Timehop. It browses your social media networks to see what you posted on today’s date in years past. I love it! Seeing what has changed in my life and physical appearance over the last 8 years of social media is great. Here’s a look into April 11, 2009.


5) St. Jude Hero

After training for and running my first marathon in 2012 with my friend Pittman he told me that he wanted to run the St. Jude Memphis Marathon that year and raise money for the hospital through their St. Jude Hero program. In 2012 thanks to the outpouring of support from friends & family I was able to raise over $2,500 for the children’s hospital. You can read a full recap of that race weekend here. In 2013, I raised money again as a Hero and ran the St. Jude Half Marathon & the Tinkerbell Half Marathon and raised a combined $2,100 in donations.

This year’s fundraising begins this Monday, April 14, and I am setting my goals high at $5,000! I’m looking to kick off fundraising next week with an exciting giveaway, be sure to check back next week. #DoGoodStuff