Five Things Friday – DCI Championships Edition

In honor of DCI World Championships this week in Indianapolis I decided to quickly recap my 5 years as a performer in the activity.


1) 2005 – Capital Regiment: Chiaroscuro


This was my first summer marching drum corps just after finishing high school. An incredible summer experience that changed the course of my life. Our show entitled “Chiaroscuro” was about the course of a day, moving from darkness to light; complete with a large sundial that moved around the field.

Finish 15th – 81.400

2) 2006 – Capital Regiment: Life Rhythms: Work, Rest, & Play


2006 was my first summer spent as a drum major. Our shoe was about the average work day and the relief of 5 o’clock. Complete with typewriters & frisbees.

Finish 16th – 80.825

3) 2007 – Blue Stars: Power & Grace


After Cap Reg went inactive for the 2007 season I found myself with the opportunity to become one of the drum majors for the Blue Stars from La Crosse, WI. Our 2007 show featured music taken from the Firebird Suite & Swan Lake.

Finished 14 – 84.350

4) 2008 – Blue Stars: Le Tour, Every Second Counts


The breakthrough year for the Blue Stars. The show was themed around the Tour de France bike race and catapulted the corps into the elite top 12 World Class finalist division for the first time since 1979.

Finished 8 – 90.425

5) 2009 – Blue Stars: The Factory


My final season. A show based around the events of America in World War II “The Factory” has become a fan favorite and a staple point in the Blue Stars recent history.

Finished 8 – 90.05