Five Things Friday 10/18

New Weekly post I’m trying out. Here are 5 quick things from my week, mostly that I have saved on my phone over the past few days.


1) Disney’s Toy Story of Terror
My love of Disney & Pixar goes far beyond running races wearing a hat from the Cozy Cone Motel. Wednesday’s half hour Halloween special was a great story featuring my favorite set of characters.


2) Tough Mudder 2014
I’m not quite sure why, but I have a serious craving to run another Tough Mudder in 2014. So far every weekend that one is in a 8 hour driving vicinity has a conflict with something already on my calendar. Tough Mudder 2012 was great, I want another headband.
20131018-074007.jpg3) More Marching Band
This weekend we are competing in the West Harrison Hurricane Classic in Gulfport, MS. This is the third Saturday in a row that marching band is taking up all day Saturday and wreaking havoc on my training schedule, but it’s a home show for me! Looking forward to seeing my family and former band teachers.


4) January 2014
It dawned on me this morning that I may have tacked on to much to kick off the new year. In January alone I have 3 back to back half marathon weekends scheduled. Jan 5 in California, Jan 11 is Mississippi, and Jan 18 in California. Hooray frequent flier miles!


5) 9 Miles go BOOM!
Last night I successfully ran 9 miles in under an hour! This is a big milestone in my journey to qualifying for the Boston marathon and running a sub 3 hour marathon in 2014. BOOM!