Four Things Friday

1) Finisher Jackets


Rock n Roll Marathons are really stepping up their game this year. I think after an uproar of the price tag of their races not matching the quality of race medals, entertainment, and quality product they have finally decided to do something about it. The recent trend of finisher meds has been really great, notable the Virginia Beach & Philadelphia half marathon medals have looked fantastic! RnR announced yesterday that all marathon runners in New Orleans will receive a Brooks Finisher jacket at the finish line. This is a perk for marathoners only, not for those only running the half. If the quality of the jacket is up to Brooks standards this could be a great item. Well worth the $15 difference between the price tag of the half and full.

2) 3 year Runniversary


My first time lacing up my shoes and hitting the pavement was on September 27, 2011. Tomorrow will mark 3 years from that first run. In that time I’ve logged over 3,000 medals, finished 14 marathons, 12 half marathons, collected over 30 race medals, and ran through 10 pairs of running shoes. With aspirations of qualifying for Boston in The spring it’s incredible to think about where I started and how what started as a “health kick” has become such a huge part of who I am.

3) 1200 meters


As part of my workout this week I had to run 1200 meter repeats. I have really been struggling with me speedwork the last few weeks and was not looking forward to it. I switched my normal plan and ran before work instead of afterwards. After a 10 minute mile warm up I ran 4 repeats. 5:17, 5:09, 4:59, 4:55. My goal for each was 5:10, crushed the last 3 reps!

4) 50 State Fundraising Update

I am up to 29 states, still lacking 21 in my quest to receive a donation from every state to benefit St. Jude. Tell your friends.

Screenshot 2014-09-24 13.00.05