Fun in the Sun Marathon

Long Beach, CA

Marathon on a Budget is the perfect description for this race.  Truly an incredible race in unbelievable conditions.  In the midst of my California summer vacation I stumbled across a marathon in Long Beach, CA.  With just a week or two before the race I figured why not give it a shot, cheap registration for a 26.2 mile excursion along a beach front pathway.  The race had 2 loops, a 3 mile loop and a 7 mile loop.  Each of the race distances (5k, 7 miler, 10 miler, half marathon, marathon, ultra) consisted of various combinations of the loops. The Marathon was 3,7,3,7,3,3. One aid station was positioned at the start/finish line between the loops so you pass the table multiple times during the race.  Low crowds, great weather, sand, water, a perfect marathon scenario put on by Rocket Racing Productions.  I can guarantee I will be checking their race calendar for all future trips to the West Coast.  Full Race Results can be found at the link below.


I finished this race in 4:25:32 putting me 6th overall of the 14 marathon competitors.  Total competitor numbers are as follows 2 5k, 2 7Mile, 5 10Mile, 98 Half Marathon, 3 21Mile, 14 Marathon, 11 50k.

Full Race Results can be found here