Further. FASTER. Forever.

In Mid September I wrote out a training plan for the Rock n Roll Las Vegas Marathon. It had everything I needed: proper rest days, mileage goals for the day & week, daily pace per mile goals, and finish time goals for each training run. I wrote out various but consistent pace guides for every day I was supposed to run between then and November 17. Last weekend I realized I left a major gap in this plan, one that could lead the biggest downfall on race day. Yes, I had runs at race pace and miles scheduled for quicker than race pace, but I didn’t have any scheduled speed work or interval work! Pushing the muscles past the point of necessary work get so often is essential for building them stronger and can potentially more beneficial than a good long run at a decreased effort level. So I skipped my regularly scheduled 22 mile below race pace training run over the weekend and instead rested an extra day for a night of Yasso 800s. Bart Yasso from Runner’s World magazine recommends completing 10 reps of 800m repeats of high effort level with 400m of recovery in between. His method is that if you can accomplish each of these at 4:00 then you should be ready on par to complete a full marathon in 4:00:00. My goal for Vegas in a 3:20:00 or less finish. With that goal set I should be able to comfortably knock out 10 reps at 3:20. Here are the results of my first session of Yasso 800s. I also caught a little encouragement the next morning from Bart Yasso!