Getting to the Crescent City Classic

Last summer I became very interested in running the Crescent City Classic in New Orleans.  According to this race is one of the largest 10ks in the country with over 17,000 finishers each year.

The race is divided into 3 sections of participants

  • Seeded Runners
  • Charity Runners
  • Regular Registrations

My goal was to make it into one of the three seeded corrals to do this I had to meet the qualification standards.

“Runners wanting to be seeded in the faster starting groups A, B, or C must provide proof that they have run a 10k time of under 45:00 minutes.

In order to qualify for a SEEDED bib number & starting position in the 2015 CCC10k, you must provide a sub-45 minute finishing time from an established 10k road race completed within the last six months of when you register.

The only exceptions to this rule are:

  1. If you complete the 2014 FALL Classic 5k in 22 mins or under  (only 5k qualifier)
  2. If you completed the 2014 CCC10k in under 45 mins 
  3. If you complete the 2015 Allstate Sugar Bowl St. Patrick’s Day Classic in 14 mins or under (only 2-mile qualifier)”

During the Dopey Challenge in January I finished the Walt Disney World 10k in 44:07, meeting the qualifying standards and I registered the following weekend at the Louisiana Half Marathon Expo.  As the race drew closer over the next few months I kept focused on being able to run this race in the future, meaning I had to re-qualify during the race to run in next year’s event. (Qualification Exception #2).

After a 5 mile shake out run Friday morning I left home and drove south to New Orleans.  The drive is just under 3 hours for me so I was being certain to stay hydrated along the way with my 2 favorites flavors of Nuun riding shotgun.

I made it to the race expo located in the Downtown Hyatt hotel Friday afternoon. The race packet pickup was a very smooth process.  I was able to skip through the longer lines for bib pickup and went through the “Seeded Runners” booths were the crowds were much lighter.  An interesting thing to note about the bib assignments here that I have not seen before at a bigger event like this was that bib numbers were not preassigned.  When I checked in at the bib booth the volunteer looked up my name, grabbed the first bib off of a pile and scanned it in to assign it to me.  It seems to be a simple idea that could save a lot of time at a lot of other races, however it eliminates the possibility of customizing the bib to have your name or favorite hashtag on it.

I am lucky enough to have great friends in the running and blogging community and was invited to join in some of the festivities of the Official Crescent City Bloggers over the weekend. I met up with them for dinner after the expo and packet pickup and a restaurant in the New Orleans Hyatt. We talked about past events, future events, and a lot about what to expect the next morning running the streets of downtown New Orleans.  Each of them were CCC veterans and I was asking a lot of questions because I wanted to ensure that I would have every chance I needed to score a great run and be able to participate in the future.

After dinner I drove about 15 minutes out of downtown to The suburb Gretna. I stayed the weekend with an old drum corps friend named Becky. We saw each other in January at the Louisiana Marathon Expo, she was tackling her first marathon that weekend.  We stayed up for a few hours Talking drum corps, running, baseball, and catching up on life a little bit.  The alarms were set for 5:30 the next morning.  Ready to run!