Give Thanks

Ridgeland, MS

I have a lot to be thankful for today, mostly running. (Big surprise right?) This activity has completely changed my outlook on life over the past year and brought with it many friendships and relationships that have made the past 12 months truly incredible.  I am thankful that this morning I was able to participate in the 3rd Annual Fleet Feet Sports Turkey Day 8k. The race sold out at 75o runners and we all took the line at 7 am on this chilly Thanksgiving morning.



I donned my Turkey Day hat, took my place on the line, and made my best to keep a good steady pace keeping in mind that St. Jude is just over a week away. What a great atmosphere and a great run.  I wouldn’t expect anything less from the crew at Fleet Feet.  A good course complete with a few challenging hills.  I finished this morning’s run in 38:00, finishing 51st overall and 10/31 in my age division.  It was a great morning to spend with friends and runners. Following the race I was asked by a little girl if she could have my turkey hat. How could I say no? Full race results can be found by following the link below to Sterns Race Tiiming.




Today was also the first attempt using a product called Energybits.  Energybits sent me a free sample earlier in the week and I gave it a shot today.  Bottom line, this is a great product & I am looking forward to a many more uses.  A full review will be coming in a separate post.  Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


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