Goofy meet Dumbo

Somewhere along the way I’ve heard it said that the only thing harder than running a marathon is training for one. I believe the only thing harder than training for one is training for 3! I have had my sights set on joining the Marathon Maniacs club since I first met a maniac at the Blues during my first 26.2 mile morning. Make no mistake it is tiring to have 3 races with just a few weeks between each. I struggled between Marine Corps & St. Jude finding the effort to keep up with training for 2 weeks after months of training only to taper again and get set for another race. Luckily I was not alone in my St. Jude training. Now, with Disney Marathon & the Goofy Challenge just 3 weeks away I am almost at a lost for the energy to put forth quality training, let alone strong together a few back to backs to get ready for the Goofy Challenge. I was able to crank out a fantastic midweek run yesterday. It was the first time I’ve set out by myself in months. I turned the screen to clock and told myself I was going to run for an hour making up the route as I go. I was very surprised when I saw my distance after I finished.

Yesterday also marked great news, the addition of a new race by runDisney. Disneyland Half Marathon weekend now comes fully equipped with an Alice in Wonderland themed 10k. This means not only the opportunity for 1 extra medal, but 2! runDisney also announced the Dumbo Double Dare, a 19.3 scaled down version of the Goofy Challenge available to those who choose to run both the 10k on Saturday & the half marathon on Sunday. Follow my train of thought here please. 4 races (WDW half, WDW full, DL 10k, DL half) 58.6 miles, 7 medals! In addition to the 4 race medals there is also the Goofy, the Dumbo, and the coast to coast challenge medal. 2013 is going to be a great year. Rumor has it that we will be able to register early for the Dumbo Double Dare at the WDW expo in January, and maybe a sneak peak at a medal or two.

Happy running.