Hobble then Gobble 5 Miler

I woke early on Thanksgiving morning and loaded the car to spend the weekend at my parents house on the gulf coast. I started to head south and stopped in Hattiesburg to participate in the “Hobble then Gobble 5 Miler”.


This race was took place in neighborhoods surrounding Lake Serene. It was a simple out and back course. Unfortunately for me this was the coldest day of year so far I. Southern Mississippi and it was hard to convince myself to actually get out of the car. After I registered for the race I spent some time stretching and warming up still in sweatpants and my jacket. With less than 10 inputs I finally decided to get out of the car and leave the sweats.



As the starting buzzer sounded we left the line and started the push forward. The cold wind immediately started to numb my fingers and toes. I held consistent at 7:00 min/mile pace for the first half of the race until the turn around. As the pack started to thin after the turn around I pushed a little quicker to 6:30/mile. As I approached mile 3 I heard and felt another runner behind me. He was an older man and as he pulled up next to me I began to run faster. Side by side we continued to increase pace and built up to another runner in front of us. We stayed three across as we passed the mile 4 marker and into the final stretch of he course. Being an out and back course I knew where the final hill was and told myself where I was going to start to push harder. With just over 800 meters to go I pushed ahead to a 5:45/mile pace and pulled ahead of the other two runners. I crossed the line in 33:14 (5 seconds in front of the next runner) finishing 10th overall of the 249 runners claiming 3 in my age group.




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