Van Halen says to “Go Ahead and Jump!” This is the advice I need this week to jump back into my normal training schedule.

I am training for the 2013 Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon and last week’s training schedule did not work out in my favor. A 4 day rain in central Mississippi left me stranded to a treadmill in the early part of the week and I let Valentine’s Day plans creep into allowing myself to not make time for training.

I ended up only doing 1 mile on the treadmill last Monday. 1 mile! I felt awful, my sides started to cramp and I was struggling just to make it through. I want to see the scientific study that explains why 1 mile on the treadmill at a 10 minute/mile pace is harder than 26.2 miles on the road averaging just over 9 minute miles. Tuesday I took advantage of the scheduled rest day and went to the Dixie National Rodeo. This was my first real experience at the rodeo and I was surprised at how entertaining I found the majority of the events.


Wednesday I participated in the Fleet Feet Sports 3 mile Matchmaker Run. I met with my friend Tim Cagle, who is running the Georgia Marathon with me, and we hashed out a few travel details while on the run. I was lucky enough to test run these 3 miles on a pair of newly designed Nike Structure shoes and the Nike+ GPS Sportswatch. I loved these shoes! They felt great in stride and were perfectly balanced on the run. I will highly consider these when the time comes for my next pair of shoes.


Thursday was Valentine’s Day and seemed like a reasonable excuse to skip cross training. This is a problem that I need to fix. I find it way to easy to not hit the bike at the gym. Friday I travelled to the Gulf Coast and Saturday I races in the Gulf Coast Running Club’s Arbor Day 5k in Biloxi. I finished in 20:42, so close to breaking 20! I blame a strong headwind coming off the Gulf of Mexico along the course, but I’m sure that missing my workouts didn’t help very much either. Being an Arbor Day race my mom was very excited that we were given small Southern Magnolia trees to plant. A full review of the race will be posted later this week.


Sunday was the only real training run I was able to get in that was on schedule… Sort of. Instead of a recovery jog at 9:30 pace I worked a little harder and out in a Steady State Run for 6 miles averaging 7:50/mile. Doing the math that puts me at 13.1 total miles for the week. Now, that is quite a bit fewer than normal but maybe I needed a good rest week. We’ll see how things go this week.

Here’s the plan:
Monday: Rest Day
Tuesday: 45 minute run pacing the 12:00/mile training group at Fleet Feet Sports.
Wednesday: 4x1600m repeats @ 6:00/mile
Thursday: Recovery Jog – 9:30/mile for 30 minutes.
Friday: Cross training (really this time)
Saturday: 12 miles pacing for Fleet Feet Nashville Marathon training program
Sunday: Tempo Run – 7:30/mile for 30-40 minutes.

QOTD: Have you ever had an off week? How did you jump start your training back?