Labor Your Legs 5k Recap


Following Sunday’s Half Marathon in Disneyland I immediately flew back to Mississippi.  As I was in transit from the Grand Californian to LAX Rod from Rod’s Racers posted a link to a 5k happening the next morning in Hattiesburg.  I was staying with my parents Sunday night on the coast and had to pass through Hattiesburg anyway, so why not run a 5k the day after completing the Dumbo Double Dare?

IMG_3254 I have looking forward to running in a Pine Belt Pacer event since moving to the area a couple of months ago and this Monday morning race was the perfect chance.  I arrived just after 7 for the 8 am start and went through registration.  After getting my bib and shirt it was time to stretch and get a quick warm up in.  As I was standing in the starting area I was faced with what is always a tough decision, what pace do I want to run? On one hand I haven’t ran a 5k since February, on the other I raced a total of 19.3 miles over the weekend and had another 8 miler that I ran on Friday.  This is a decision that I easily make with in the first few moments of any run.


The starting buzzer sounded and as we took off I took into account that the weather felt great and there didn’t seem to many people hanging around my age group.  So I decided that I could rest the next day, today I was racing! It was a nice course starting in an empty mall parking lot and wrapping around immediately to a nearby neighborhood then back out again to the other side of the mall for the finish.  I was keeping a great pace for having run just under 30 miles over the weekend. As I approached the 3 mile mark I backed down my pace just a little to accommodate for a giant hill I was climbing. Then ran down the final stretch and across the finish line.


I crossed the line at 20:47. It was a great finish time, but 5 seconds away from a new PR.  I am getting closer and closer to breaking that 20 minute mark.  I never seem to race a 5k on fresh legs though.  Maybe next time.


I finished 8th overall and won my age division.  It was a great way to wrap up a weekend of racing and running.