Gotta Love Having the Blues…

The 2012 Mississippi Blues Marathon was my first 26.2 mile adventure.   It was the first time I had run farther than 20 miles, the first time I experienced what marathoning was really about, the first exposure I had to the Marathon Maniacs and the 50 State Marathon Club.  I had doubts during the race that I was going to make it to the finish, doubts that I would be able to push through to the end.  I finished the race that day in 4:35:16.  (which still my best marathon finish time in the state of Mississippi)


The Blues marathon holds a special place in my mind.  It is my “local” marathon and one that I have said many times I will always try to be at. In 2013 I returned to the Blues to run the half a week before heading to WDW for my first Goofy Challenge.  I enjoyed the race, made the most out of my time with the people around me stopped for a drink here and there.  However, it was the 2014 Blues Half Marathon where I discovered how to make every mile a highlight reel.  This was the first race I dressed as the ever lovable Waldo character.  What made it even better was a few weeks after the race when the Blues posted this on their Facebook page.


And again later in August.  As much as I enjoy running this race, it’s a really great feeling believing that the race enjoys having me run it too.


In 2016 I returned to the Blues Marathon to run 26.2 again and dawned the Waldo wear for the event, and it seems as though this will be my go-to gear for the Blues.  The course doesn’t offer much to really look at and you have to watch your step to dodge a pothole or two, but the people on the route and spectating as you run by make this an incredible event nestled away in the heart of Mississippi.   Year after year you’ll always be sure to find Waldo during the first weekend of January running the Blues.



2017 will be the 10th Anniversary of the Mississippi Blues Marathon.  Registration usually opens in early April, you’ll want to be quick on the keyboard to get the best pricing!