Marine Corps Marathon Weekend Recap

Arlington, VA

There is more to this post than a simple race recap.  The weekend I spent in Arlington will always be one that I will never forget about.  Truly an incredible experience for multiple reasons.

1) Jonnie’s Goodguys – Getting to spend a weekend with friends that you haven’t seen in two years always makes for great times.  Especially when that group is a hard working group of runners.


2)Running for Charity – Over the last 4 months I have been working to raise funds for the National Marfan Foundation to participate in this race as a member of Team Heart & Soul.  I have been researching the disease and spreading the word for months now.  On Saturday night we had a team pasta dinner where I had the opportunity to meet several people who have been diagnosed with Marfan’s Syndrome and their families.  Those that deal with the disease on a daily basis are truly incredible people.  The strength that they show in their battles are more than enough to power a team of runners 26.2 miles.


3) The Marines – Ooh Rah!  26.2 miles of support, remembrance, patriotism, friendship, solidarity, and accomplishments.  Hearing one story after another along the race route, seeing dedications and memorials to fallen soldiers at mile 13, being motivated to get up a daunting hill in mile 7 by one of the Marine Corps Bands playing their hymn, running around the National Mall in mile 17, seeing GoodGuys cheering you on at mile 23, and the final push to the Iwo Jima memorial at mile 26.2  all made for an incredible experience.  Crossing the finish line, having a soldier hang your medal and salute to say thanks for running.  No sir, thank you for serving.  The People’s Marathon is incredible.


I ran a solid race keeping in mind that I have 2 more marathons in the next 2 months my game plan was to take it easy and cross the finish line, and that is exactly what I did.

Final Finish time of 4:37:39

Here are the splits   5k – 35:42

10k – 1:08:29

20k – 2:14:15

13.1 – 2:21:15

30k – 3:18:08

40k – 4:23:13

Finish results:

Overall 10,923/23,523

Gender 7,278/13,523

Division 958/1,673

 Oh, and I had the opportunity to meet 2012 Olympic Marathoner,  Shalane Flanagan at the expo.