Updates & Catch Up

So a busy back half of the summer and an even busier fall semester has left my fundraising mostly unupdated.  Here is what has been going on.  As if fundraising $2,500 for St. Jude Children’s Hospital wasn’t enough work and effort on my part I also signed up mid summer to join Team Heart & Soul by the National Marfan Foundation to participate in the Marine Corps Marathon. So tack an extra $750 charity commitment on top of St. Jude to make for a great year to Do Good Stuff.  I have been blessed enough to hook up with a non profit pending group out of Indianapolis dedicated to raising funds for various charities through running known as Jonnie’s GoodGuys.  I was fortunate enough over the course of a few short months to raise the funds for the NMF and participate as a member of Team Heart and Soul at the Marine Corps Marathon in Arlington, VA.

Thank you to those who donated. You are the reason for Team Heart & Soul.

Steven Hugley

Mandi King

Andi Solero

Phyllis Raymond

Jessie Freeman

Anna Gardner

Al Ratcliff

Damon Williams

Sylvia Henderson

Robin Crawford

Robert Hearn

Stephen Houston

Krissy Maynard

Brett Daniels

Jason Rinehart

As for St. Jude…

My school hosted a Faculty vs Students basketball game with proceeds to benefit the St. Jude Heroes resulting in an incredibly helpful $1,523.83 donation.  Currently I sit at just under 90% of my goal.  $2,168.83 down and just $331.17 to go.

Keep spreading the word, keep working to Do Good Stuff.