Medal Release Party

The last few days have been packed with medal images being released and I’m very excited about several of them.  First over the weekend, runDisney released images of the 2015 medals for the Princess Half Marathon Weekend in February.   We’ve known since July that the 5k was going to be Frozen themed, but this was our first look at how the medals are all inspired by the movie.  The gemstone in the Princess Half medal represents Elsa, as does the turquoise ring around the Glass Slipper Challenge medal.   This will be my first time participating in the Princess Weekend events and I can’t wait to pick up the 10k, half marathon, and Glass Slipper Challenge medals. 10344839_10100656862235123_4322882437838378343_n

The next image release from the weekend is for the Rock ‘n’ Roll Nashville Country Music Marathon and Half Marathon in April.  This event is one that I have been debating on running for years and this may be the year for it after seeing these designs.  The race benefits St. Jude and always has a huge pack of Heroes running in the field.  There’s nothing I love more than running with people who are as passionate about fundraising as I am.  138630_Competitor_Nashville_FullMedallion_14_CLEANimage 138291_Competitor_nashville_HalfMedallion_14_CLEANimage-885x1145



On Monday morning the Mississippi Blues posted a picture of the newly created bonus medal to be given to those runners who complete the Blues marathon on January 10 & the First Light Marathon in Mobile, AL on January 11.  As stated in previous posts of mine, I love the Mississippi Blues Marathon medal designs! Year after year they continue to improve and make each one better than the year before.  They are my some of my favorite medals hanging on my wall.  I also love a good challenge medal, especially one that comes from back to back marathons. (Be sure to look at my recaps from The Mitten Challenge earlier this year when I ran the Wisconsin Marathon and the Kalamazoo Marathon on back to back days)  But this medal looks great and perfectly depicts the event weekends.  A Mississippi/Alabama spinner medal featuring both race logos.  I look forward to adding this to my collection at the 2016 events, hopefully the medal sticks around.  They have had the challenge for a handful of years, but this is the first medal created for it.  It features a special lanyard for Marathon Maniacs and Half Fanatics who complete the challenge.