Mississippi Blues 2016 Registration

This was the email sent out Tuesday morning from the Mississippi Blues Marathon.


Registration for the Mississippi Blues Marathon Weekend opened today.  This is one of my favorite events and I’m thankful that it’s my hometown event so I get to participate in it year after year.  In 2012 the Blues was my first full marathon, I ran the half in 2013 & 2014.  I’m excited to return to the full marathon in January 2016 for what should be my 26th (or 27th) full marathon!


Registration opened in a bit of a frenzy, with the first 500 entries being reduced to 50% of the cost.  This is the 4th year I believe that the race has used this tactic to jump start registrations, however the deal did not seem as sweet to me for some reason.  This morning I registered for a total cost of $64.90.  Before I go any farther, I would like to make note that $65 for a world class marathon, spectacular medal, a kicking harmonica, and the best after party/pub crawl of any event I’ve ever been to is a spectacular price.  However, I went back through my past emails (because apparently I’ve never deleted an email ever) and found my past registrations and the cost of each.

11/28/11$80.90Full Marathon
6/5/12$38Half Marathon
4/15/13$48.95Half Marathon
4/15/15$61.90Full Marathon

Clearly, the first year I registered just over a month before the event, but I have registered on the day that it becomes available every other year that I have run the race.  It bothered me that this year did not seem as good of a deal and I believe that I have found the reason.  In the past registration cost was doubled for the first set of registrants and then would immediately double after those first 500 people.  Making a fantastic deal for those early bird entrants.  Today after those 500 slots were gone the price only increased $5.

Refuel with Chocolate Milk

Again, I’d like to really stress that I’ve never been disappointed in the event or anything regarding the race, but this seemed misleading on the part of the race staff. Why call something 50% off when in reality it is discounted by 8%?

In other news, the finisher medal this year is guaranteed to be phenomenal and you can never have too many harmonicas, right?