No Run, just Disney

Last runDisney runcation post! (Until September).

Be sure to read my recaps of the Disney World Half and Full Marathons also!

Monday morning the GoodGuys woke mid morning and after a good post marathon stretch and foam roll we all headed out for a day in the Disney Parks. This was my first visit to Walt Disney World since 1993 and was very excited for a little fun. We started our day in Epcot taking in a few sights & tastes before & after taking on Mission Space & Test Track, both great rides. I didn’t realize before that the design room in Test Track created the virtual car for you to use during the test. Leaving Epcot we took a bus over to Hollywood Studios. We stopped for lunch here and a snack as we made our way through the studios. The two attractions I was looking forward to most were in this park. When I was a kid and visited Disney they were building the Tower of Terror and has since became a staple of the Disney Parks. I have looked forward to sitting in that elevator shaft for the last 19 years and enjoyed every moment of it. After being thrown around the Hollywood Hotel we made our way next door to my Mom’s favorite ride, the Aerosmith Rock n Roller Coaster. I’m convinced that it is worth the cost of travel & park admission just to ride this and head home. I am a coaster fan and want to do always want to them and this one takes the cake.


A quick ferry ride across the Seven Seas Lagoon put us in the Magic Kingdom for a couple of hours. We strolled through Main Street, Tomorrow Land, & the new Fantasy Land checking out Belle’s Castle and a few other sights before heading out back to Epcot.

Back inside Epcot we travelled to Japan for some wonderful sushi rolls and miso soup. I wrapped up the night with a little gift shopping for Anna and a few other friends then we settled in around England to watch the Illuminations firework show. It really was a magical day with great friends in the parks. Littered around the parks were runners walking around clanging medals together and hobbling up and down each flight of stairs.



Thank you to Jonnie’s GoodGuys for an incredible weekend of miles, medals, and memories. I will see you all again in May. As for my runDisney friends, who’s ready for the Dumbo Double Dare?