Pink Ranger Run to End Breast Cancer

It’s here! The 3rd installment of the Ranger Run Series is happening soon and registration will launch on June 1!  Remember you can always check out some highlights of the first 2 Ranger Runs by following this link.

This year I shifting the focus of the Ranger Run to serve as a fundraiser for the Donna Foundation and the Mayo Clinic to held aid in research and care of breast cancer patients and survivors.

Every day women are told the news that shatters their lives. They have breast cancer. Many thousands of women dealing with the stress of cancer don’t have a well-paying job, good insurance or a support system in place to help them cope. Many of them don’t have time to think about whether they will be here to watch their children grow up. Instead they must worry about whether they have enough money to keep a roof over their heads. The financial hardship of losing a job or not being able to work through treatment can be immense.  Those women need hope.  They need a way to focus on getting better, not just on getting by.  Donna Deegan is a 3 time survivor of breast cancer and founded the Donna Foundation in 2003. The Foundation raises money to be used exclusively for the critical needs of Jacksonville area women living with breast cancer.

Twice in my life I have watched my mother battle and defeat breast cancer.  Everyday I celebrate the fact that she has looked cancer in the eye and has twice won the battle. Her strength and courage is echoed in her daily life and breast cancer awareness and research funding has been a part of my life and a part of my family’s life for over 15 years.

In February 2017, I will be running the 10th Annual 26.2 with Donna Marathon to Finish Breast Cancer.  I’m not only running the marathon on Sunday, but I’m tacking on the DONNA 5k and 10k events on Saturday to complete the first Booby Trap Challenge!

The 3rd Ranger Run will celebrate life, strength, and courage.  Join me in this event, show that you are graceful and smart and Pterodactyl dinosaur shall grant your protection.  All you have to do is sign up at and commit yourself to running/walking/jogging/dancing/skipping any distance you’d like.  Then in the first week of October put on your best pink outfit and get out and be active!

And now, introducing the latest medal design in the Ranger Run.


The medal will be a 3.5″ die cast medal similar to the size and weight of the Red Ranger Medal.  All colors will be painted with an extra sparkle to them.

Registration opens June 1and will be open until mid-late July. This is to ensure that medal delivery will take place in early October to kick off Breast Cancer Awareness month.

Be sure to post pictures of you on the road on instagram using #PinkRun8va and follow along on my social media accounts (@run8va) as I train and prepare for the 26.2 with Donna Marathon in February!

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