Pixie Dust Pick a Mile!

To help jump start my fundraising for the John Ritter Foundation and the New York City Marathon I’m bringing back the Pick a Mile Contest! The rules are simple and are the same as last year.

1) Make a donation of $10 or more

2) Leave a comment in your donation telling me which mile number you would like to have

3) Once all the miles are filled I will randomly select a winning number.


I’ll be running the Pixie Dust Challenge next weekend in Disneyland which consists of the Tinkerbell 10k and the Tinkerbell Half Marathon so there are 19 Miles to choose from!

What do you win? Someone will be able to celebrate with the Disney Parks Starbucks “You Are Here” Mug Collection from Disneyland and California Adventure! (Est. $40 value)  These mugs are colorful and feature highlights of each park around it.  They are only available for purchase in California inside the parks.  So…. Make a donation, pick a mile number and do good stuff!

Donate to the John Ritter Foundation by clicking here!



Mile 1Jennifer Hilger
Mile 2
Mile 3Krissy Murphy
Mile 4
Mile 5Phyllis Raymond
Mile 6Carlee McClurg
Mile 7
Mile 8
Mile 9Jennifer Hilger
Mile 10
Mile 11Jennifer Hilger
Mile 12
Mile 13
Mile 14
Mile 15Phyllis Raymond
Mile 16
Mile 17
Mile 18
Mile 19