Princess Planning

The key to any great racecation is proper planning.  This weekend I’ll be in Florida for the runDisney Princess Half Marathon Weekend.  Unlike any other runDisney weekend I’ve participated in before this trip is not centered around the race.  Running the Glass Slipper Challenge is merely a convenience (and barely one at that)  In my non-running life I teach high school band, last spring we were presented with the opportunity to travel to Florida and perform at the Daytona 500.  Being the stereotypical Mississippi resident, it’s goes without saying that I’ve been a NASCAR fan since the 3rd grade so the opportunity to go to the season opener in Daytona was a fantastic idea.


We started to plan the trip for our students; travel details, hotels, meals, and a few days at Universal Studios.  What could make the trip any better?  Realizing that it is the same weekend as the Princess Half!  I had to really think hard before registering for PHM, I have never run in these events so of course I really wanted it to work out.  The plus side to trying to schedule the events into an already full slate of activities is that the races take place so early in the morning that I will be back at the hotel before the students ever think about receiving their morning wake up call on Saturday. Sunday gets a little trickier.  Here’s the plan for the weekend.

We leave our school at 10 p.m. on Thursday night and travel through the night on the busses arriving in Orlando at an estimated 9 a.m.  When we stop for breakfast I have a local friend coming to bring me to ESPN Wide World of Sports for the Race Expo and then to Downtown Disney to pick up a rental car.  After securing my bib, saying hello to the ladies at Sparkle Athletic, and picking up a rental I’m going to head to Universal to meet up with the rest of our travel group.  I should be arriving right around the same time.  After a full afternoon of sipping butterbeer and keeping warm by the fire of the Gringotts Dragon we’ll be off to our hotel for the night.


Saturday morning’s 10k starts at 5:30. Boys aren’t allowed to start in Corral A for the weekend races so that pushes my start time back to 5:40 for both days. (Corral B) With an estimated finish time of 6:25 (45 minute finish) I should be back in the car by 6:45 and at the hotel by 7:15.  Student’s wake up call, 8:00. They’re refreshed from a full night’s sleep, I’m showering off a morning of hard work and sparkle.  Saturday brings with it another full day of fun around Diagon Alley. (Disclaimer: I’ve never been to Universal so I’m not actually certain what else there is other than Harry Potter World, but as I’m watching all the movies while I write this, I will stay focused on how excited I am to shop at Ollivander’s)

Olivander’s Wand Shop, Harry Potter & the Sorcerer’s Stone


Sunday morning I’ll be up and out of the hotel early again to make it to the starting corrals outside of Epcot. Again, I will start the race around 5:40 and will hopefully find my way to the finish around 7:20 (1:40 finish). Depart Epcot by 7:30, back at the hotel by 7:50, kids on the bus and depart for Daytona at 8 a.m. Sad to say there will be no time for pictures during the run or after the run. This will be completely “business” running.  Cross the finish as quickly as possible, grab my medal, and get out!  We perform at the Daytona 500 at 11, followed by a pre race concert by Kid Rock, and the Star Spangled Banner performed by American Idol winner Phillip Phillips.

Screenshot 2015-02-15 13.48.56
Half Marathon Course Map


I’m excited for another runDisney weekend.  Fingers crossed to make the schedule work out!


Have you ever scheduled too much on a race day?