Race Pictures

After every race we all search the internet stalking race websites, facebook pages, and Marathonfoto anxiously awaiting race pictures to be posted.  When we finally find them we search through tirelessly hunting for the perfect picture of ourselves running along the course.  You know the picture, the one where there aren’t a gaggle of people around you, your form looks decent, and you’re trying not to look like your exhausted because you saw the photographer ahead of time.   You select the picture, add it to your cart, hit the checkout options, and WOAH! $35 to download 1 picture of me? That’s when you decide that great picture of yourself will forever remain on the Marathonfoto page and will never find it’s way to your facebook profile picture.

st jude

I love the services that Marathonfoto offers.  Their photographers are out on the course capturing images that exceeds my selfie expertise and truly try to capture some great moments from your race.  Over the years they have captured some great pictures of me that I can’t bring myself to pay for.  After all their pictures are pricey.  But when I ran the 2013 runDisney Goofy Challenge I saw for the first time a special price package being offered at the expo.  For $65 I was able to pre-order all of my race images.  Taking advantage of this special did several things for me during the race. I wanted to get my money’s worth so I stopped at every character picture and really tried to Hamm it up as often as I could.  I saw this deal again at the Disneyland Half Marathon weekend, Rock ‘n Roll Las Vegas, and the Tinkerbell Half Marathon events.  This is surely the way to go! The only other time I’ve purchased race pictures was from the Georgia Marathon when I broke 4 hours for the first time.  These pictures will always serve as reminders of those races and the excitement that was all around during the runs.

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I would love to see Marathonfoto offer a package deal to mix and match images from different events for download.  Recently, they began to offer mix and match packages for print photos.  This is a fantastic step in the right direction, however, it doesn’t help me update my instagram page.


Have you ever bought your race day pictures? Did you feel they were over priced?