Racing Through 2014

2014 was a year that brought along many travels and many new friends along the way.  This year I totaled 7 marathons and 6 half marathons.  Somehow I skipped all local events, 5ks, and 10ks.  Hopefully, I will get the chance to add a few more of those to my schedule next year.  Here’s a quick recap of the year’s races.


January – Race Miles 39.3

I started the year off fast with 3 half marathons.  I started in Los Angeles with the New Year’s Race, before flying home for a week to work and ran the Mississippi Blues Half Marathon.  This was a great race dressed as Waldo, one that is still talked about amongst some friends.  After another week I flew back to California for the Tinkerbell Half Marathon.



February – Race Miles 39.3

On February 9, I ran the Biggest Loser Half Marathon in Mobile, AL while carrying and playing a trombone.  A great costumed run and a fun time entertaining all those spectating along the course.  A week later Brooklyn flew in and the two of us went to Birmingham where I set a new marathon PR at the Mercedes Marathon!



March – Race Miles 39.3

The first weekend of March brought with it the Little Rock Marathon and all the hassle that came with it.  I’ll leave you to check out my recap from earlier in the year to see the problems that came before getting the gigantic medal that now hangs on the end of my medal rack.   The next weekend I ran the Tuscaloosa Half Marathon and set a new PR for the half, 1:33:28! Ka-Chow!



April – Race Miles 0

Why didn’t I race in April? 2 words, Mitten. Challenge.


May – Race Miles 52.4

May 3 & 4 I flew to Chicago and ran the Mitten Challenge.  After meeting up with a new group of friends in Chicago we travelled to Kenosha and ran the Wisconsin Marathon, toured the Jelly Belly factory, drove to Michigan and ran the Kalamazoo Marathon the next day.  Back to back marathons was a new challenge for me, but one that will be making another appearance on my race calendar in the next year.



June – Race Miles 26.2

During the Mitten Challenge I was talked into traveling to West Virginia with my friend Brian to take on the Hatfield McCoy Marathon.  This race had a 1 mile climb up a mountain, something that I should have noticed before committing to the race.  Surprise though, another new marathon PR, 3:43:07!


July, August, September, October – Race Miles 0

After driving across the country to move Brooklyn from California to Mississippi and kicking off the new school year my schedule didn’t allow for much spare time to race.  It’s an unfortunate side effect of having to work around a high school football schedule.

November – Race Miles 39.3

Another wonderful runDisney adventure at the Wine & Dine Half and a marathon registration on a whim.  2 races in November that made for a few great stories. The Wine & Dine Half may have been cold, raining, and miserable to some people, but anytime I get to meet up with friends and run through Walt Disney World it is a great day!


December – Race Miles 26.2

My final race of 2014 was also one of my favorite races each year.  The St. Jude Memphis Marathon is always a great event full of inspiration and one that keeps me excited for another year of fundraising.