Racing Withdrawls

We all have something that we crave.  Whether it be a type of food, drink, or hobby.  Comparable to the tobacco addicts and drug abusers is another group that craves the endorphin and adrenaline rush of running and exercise.  I have found myself in a situation lately that I haven’t been in for almost 3 years.  A gigantic gap between races.  I have watched over the last handful of months as many of my friends have ran races and earned new medals and new PRs.  Meanwhile my job has kept me at home thus far this fall.  My last race was the Hatfield McCoy Marathon, my 5th marathon in 4 months.  I was on a high from the travel, the races, the medals, the friends and for the past 4 months I have been running solo around the same loops in my town day in and day out.  Until this point the longest that I have gone without a single race on my calendar has been 9 weeks.  Finally, my countdown to the end of the competitive marching band season is getting closer and with it comes a slew of upcoming races.  Between November and April I have 5 Marathons, 3 Half Marathons, 3 10ks, and a 5k scheduled all kicking off with the runDisney Wine & Dine Half Marathon.