REDFAM Week 1 Update

Last week I posted about a runstreak challenge I was taking part in for the month of November, REDFAM: Run Every Day For A Month.  The challenge is being sponsored by the Nomad Trail Runners of Eastern Washington Club. (Which seems about as far away from Mississippi as you can be)  Week 1 is finished and I’m pushing through so far for the first 6 days of the month.

From Nov 1 through the 6th I totaled 37.2 miles.  This week I have a few short runs scheduled to stay loose leading up to the Cotton Land Marathon this weekend in West Monroe, LA.


I’ve got a chart running (no pun intended) to keep up with all of my runs for REDFAM.

NOV 014.034:338:37/Mile
NOV 025.039:13 7:50/Mile
NOV 035.040:038:00/Mile
NOV 043.024:038:00/Mile
NOV 0515.22:20:529:16/Mile
NOV 065.043:068:37/Mile
NOV 073.126:278:31/Mile
NOV 088.01:06:578:22/Mile
NOV 095.041:148:14/Mile
NOV 104.033:228:20/Mile
NOV 112.012:336:16/Mile
NOV 121.512:458:30/Mile
NOV 1326.23:51:118:50/Mile
NOV 141.08:218:21/Mile
NOV 153.126:318:32/Mile
NOV 163.124:087:46/Mile
NOV 171.08:568:56/Mile
NOV 181.08:318:31/Mile
NOV 1926.23:59:139:06/Mile
NOV 205.048:559:47/Mile
NOV 212.020:4210:19/Mile
NOV 223.130:169:46/Mile
NOV 23117:55
NOV 24
NOV 25
NOV 26
NOV 2726.23:58:449:06/Mile
NOV 28
NOV 295.048:279:41/Mile
NOV 30