Revelations of a Solo Runner

I am not a certified coach or personal trainer. I am not an expert runner or nutritionist. I am a trombone player & band director who made a commitment over 2 years to myself to live & maintain a healthier lifestyle. Now I am training for my 9th marathon and constantly looking for ways to help inspire others to love healthier, more fulfilling lives.

One of the best things I have experienced was last winter/spring when I had the opportunity to work as a pacer for the Rock n Roll Marathon Training Groups at the Fleet Feet Sports store. Each week I led a group of runners training for the race (some of them training for their first) discussing all things and learning about their lives and their goals. I made some great friends through the program and keep up with many of them via social media.

Since then I have changed jobs, moved 2 hours south and have lost daily and weekly running partners. It has been a hard adjustment to make and one that has kept me down on several occasions during a run. Not having someone there with me in some fashion or another makes it much easier for negative thoughts to creep in my head. I work hard trying to stay out of my own head during training.20131023-123106.jpg

But what has solo marathon training taught me? Firstly, I actually have the ability to run faster than I thought. Secondly, my new area of Mississippi needs a fitness movement. Something has to happen to get people moving more. Somebody needs to create programs and events encouraging the community to get active. But who is willing to put forth the effort to start something? Where do I start this process? Organize a 5k training program for the community members? For coworkers at school? Opinions welcome please. I’m open for any ideas!

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  1. Joe, where in MS are you located now? I wish there were more programs and running groups here in Cleveland. I’ve tried several time to start a chapter of MomsRUNthisTown but no one is ever serious enough. If there is ANY thing I can do to help from where I am please let me know! 🙂 happy running!

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