Rise Against runDisney Prices

A few weeks back runDisney released the prices for the Disneyland Half Marathon registration and they seemed outrageous!  My buddy Linzie, seemed to break the internet with his post about the craziness happening with their prices.  runDisney has been creeping up the prices for their races $5-$10 once or twice a year to find where the tipping point will be and I believe they may have finally found it.

Disneyland Half Marathon$205
Disneyland 10k$120
Dumbo Double Dare$350
Disneyland 5k$80
Kids Race$20

This time last year you would have seen the dust settle on registration day and all events sold out within an hour.  Now 2 weeks after registration was opened there are still spots available for the Disneyland Half Marathon and the Dumbo Double Dare (10k & Half marathon), the 10k itself is sold out.  That’s not mentioning that there are still available spots to register for the Tinkerbell Half Marathon in May.

I ran my first runDisney event at the 20th Anniversary Marathon Weekend in 2013 and have frequented rD events since then and enjoy them.  I will continue to take part in runDisney weekends.  However, there are better ways to spend your money than by giving in to paying $80 to run a 5k.  runDisney is a for-profit organization operating in a largely assumed to be non-profit activity.  Runners expect so much charity work to be done through their registration fees and such that we don’t mind when a race is a little pricey.  But at this point, where you’re being charged $18+/mile it’s worth putting your money elsewhere.

2013 Dumbo Double Dare Finish

runDisney may be largely “for-profit”, but they partner with plenty of quality charities that are not. You can take advantage of the opportunity to real good in the world and put those same dollars back into the community in a positive way.  Take a look at a few of the charities offering bibs for Disneyland Half weekend and their fundraising minimum requirements.  Instead of giving $350 to runDisney, use it to jumpstart your fundraising and do good stuff in the world. Some of these require registration costs to be paid at time of sign up and others do not.

 Dumbo Double DareDisneyland HalfDisneyland 10kDisneyland 5k
St. Jude Heroes$2,000$1,500$1,200
Alex's Lemonade Stand$1,550$975$700$500
American Foundation for Suicide Prevention$1,000$850$650
A-T Children's Project$950$805$720$680
Autism Speaks$1,600$1,250$700$500
Back on My Feet$1,200$800$650
Children's Bureau$1,200$750$750$500
Dragon Master Foundation$800$650$550
Homes for Our Troops$940$795$715$675
Lazarex Cancer Foundation$1,740$1,150$900
Lung Cancer Foundation (ALCF)$2,250$500
Move for Hunger$1,000$750$500
My Brighter Tomorrow$850$700$675$350
Run for Our Sons$1,200$1,000$750$500
Talk About Curing Autism$800$650$450
Team TAPS$1140$795$710$675
Team Muscle Makers for UCMD$840$740$540$415
2015 Tinkerbell Half Marathon Finish


  1. The prices are crazy. When I first ran the Disneyland 1/2 marathon in 2010 it was $125. Now 6 years later it’s $80 more than that.

    Also, it’s not like Disney has to rent out expo space like every other race. The only fees they have are what they would technically be losing by having another event in their expo space that weekend. In the event of Anaheim they don’t have to pay much (if anything) to shut down the streets, the Avengers Half runs a lot on the Santa Ana River trail, etc,etc, etc.

    I’ve made the commitment already to do the Dopey and Star Wars next year for the Coast to Coast to write on it for my website, and after that I’m done. There are so many great local races out there now.

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