RnR NOLA Marathon 2016 Recap

Rock ‘n’ Roll New Orleans Marathon; Feb. 28, 2016; New Orleans, LA

Lifetime Marathon #32, Louisiana Marathon #4

Finish time – 4:09:56


Disclaimer: As a member of the Rock ‘n’ Blog team I was given a Global Tour Pass that I used to register for the NOLA marathon.  All thoughts, opinions, and selfies are my own. 


This was the 3rd time that I have run the RnR NOLA Marathon & I continue to love the event. This is my favorite Rock ‘n’ Roll event that I have participated in and a race weekend that I always try to keep on my schedule for the year.

Brooklyn & I arrived in New Orleans Saturday afternoon and met up with a few Rock ‘n’ Blog friends at the expo and then for dinner afterwards. The expo had a lot to offer as far as race exclusive gear, vendors with various running gear, and a lot of local races and region marathons passing out information.  I find myself spending less and less time at most race expos.  I’m more interested in visiting with people and friends than I am with most of the vendor booths.


Race morning we made our way from the hotel and walked a few short blocks to the starting corrals.  After watching the 10k start and snapping a few pictures with friends I made my way to my corral to prepare for the race.  One of the things I love most about this marathon is how different each section of the race is from the other areas.

The first 7-8 miles is a mostly out and back run down St. Charles St. along the rail lines. Water stations and bands line the center of the road and runners tackle both sides of the street.  I love seeing the leaders go by on my way out and all the other runners around me when I’m making my way back on St. Charles. There were 20 starting corrals behind so a lot of runners coming by.




The next set of miles run through the French Quarter, past a few of my favorite spots in New Orleans.  I love going by Cafe du Monde, St. Louis Cathedral, and the French Marketplace.  Then running down Esplanade Ave and towards the City Park.  This stretch is so full of life and character.  Homes and businesses line the street down both sides that really showcase what New Orleans is like.




After the half marathon split at City Park the full marathon course pushes forward to the lakefront. This out and back section along the shore of Lake Ponchartrain is less crowded and a little less glamorous that the earlier section. Seeing runners pass Mile 20 and begin the final stretch to the finish line.

The course comes back to City Park where the finish line is nestled under tall Spanish oaks and makes a fantastic backdrop for those finish line selfies.


Post race in New Orleans always means beignets and Alligator! (And taking our medals around to see the town that inspired it)




The 2017 Rock ‘n’ Roll New Orleans Marathon takes place February 5.  Hope to see you there!